This is the second year university assignment. Your observation assignment will be based on a single observation of a child, involving the collection of language data (You can find your observe child from youtube and give me the link). The topic is LANGUAGE IN SOCIAL CONTEXTS (3 years-8 years). The task for this topic : Audiorecord a child playing in a pretend play situation with two different people: an adult (your partner or a parent) and another child (could be a sibling, or another child at a centre, but do note that you’d need two consent forms in the case of a centre) for 3-5 mins each. Take observational notes of everything that goes on, both in play and in the social interaction between the two people Transcribe the interactions into two separate documents. Make sure to put each sentence on a separate line (transcription instructions will be posted on BB) ANALYZE EACH SENTENCE TO SEE WHAT ITS SPEECH ACT IS, AS DISCUSSED IN CHAPTER 6: REQUEST (indirect and direct), imperative (telling someone what to do), giving and responding to feedback, initiations (making comments and statements), repetition of other person, taking turns (effectively or not?) You may find it helpful to summarize the number of these in a table in an appendix, and then discuss them qualitatively in your results. Main research question: was the child more communicatively competent in one of these two interactions? And I posted a word document which are tips on data collection for this topic.

Sections for the report are as follows: Introduction(1.5-2 pages), methods(1.5-2 pages), results(1.5-2pages), discussion(1.5-2 pages). Finally, I posted textbook and related materials (you must use at least 1 source for the reading) for you. Also, I will provide a student account for you (username:500815439 password: Linhongye0430@) website:, course:CLD206 011, you can read all the class materials for this assignment.

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