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Research and report on two to three key HIT applications that are either currently utilized in a healthcare organization. This would include HIT applications such as electronic medical records, e-prescribing, disease management applications, radiology applications, patient registration applications, etc…. In this paper, address the following items: Is the application home-grown or purchased from an outside vendor? Include the name of the vendor and all key information related to their product. If a home-grown product, explain the design and key information related to the home-grown product. What was the cost in dollars and time to integrate these applications? What went well during integration and what didn’t go so well. Who utilizes the product/application and how effective does the product work? (Will need to interview users of the application) Is the application integrated with any other systems within the healthcare organization? Explain. Explain how the patients are impacted by the effective utilization of these key HIT applications.

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