Your epidemiology research and consulting firm has been hired by the county medical care review board to review preventable medical conditions. Select a noninfectious medical condition that may be considered preventable. Do not choose a condition you have already selected. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word executive summary for the county review board that addresses the following: Review literature, including the readings, for analyses and data concerning the condition.

Summarize the analyses and data. Discuss the following: Use and application of epidemiologic analyses and data concerning this condition, in terms of how data may be utilized for decision-making in county hospitals or community-based health care settings. How conclusions and insights that derive from the analyses may assist in decision-making processes regarding allocating limited health care resources by the county throughout its health care network. Role and potential use of the information that derives from the analyses relating to the condition and management programs. Challenges that confront the county relating to prevention-related initiatives.

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