Ebola Virus in America

 In 2014, in Africa, approximately 3,800 people were infected with the Ebola virus, of which approximately 1,800 died. It was anticipated that this amount would continue to grow exponentially unless more drastic measures were taken by outsiders to combat its growth. Several American doctors contracted the virus while assisting in Africa who were successfully treated. However, subsequently an individual returning from Africa to Dallas was found to have contracted the Ebola virus and died, as a direct result of the infection. Another person, in Washington D.C., was also in the hospital and believed to have contracted the virus while in Africa. These individuals, although their travel plans originated in Africa, actually traveled to several other countries (i.e. Belgium) en route to the U.S., ultimately arriving in Dallas and the District of Columbia. It is believed that as long as the symptoms have not manifested themselves, the individuals are not a threat to others. Also, it has been explained that the virus is not airborne and cannot be transmitted unless by touching or sharing bodily fluids. Many U.S. citizens feared the potential for an epidemic outbreak in America and were calling for the closure of our borders to anyone traveling from Africa. Others believed that we are safe and that it is harmful to business and will be a potentially discriminatory practice, as well as a fundamental right to move freely throughout our country.

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