Does cognitive behavioral therapy reduce domestic violence?

 Headings Used: • Current Knowledge of the Problem • Gaps in the Knowledge • Research Question(s) • Ethical Issues • Other headings or subheadings as appropriate Current Knowledge of the Problem and Knowledge Base: • Was existing knowledge on the topic extensively discussed based on the literature (10 peer reviewed journal articles and other sources)? • Was the section written in a manner that makes a convincing argument about the state of knowledge on the problem rather than simply providing a list of existing research and/or evidence? • Is the section written at an appropriate level for comprehension and persuasion of the intended target audience (i.e., a foundation that provides funding for social work research)? • Are strengths and weaknesses of the reviewed studies presented (i.e., is there a critique of the literature rather than just a presentation of findings?) Gaps in the Knowledge: • Is there a discussion about gaps in the knowledge? • Does the discussion about gaps in the knowledge reference what has been presented in the Current Knowledge section? • Do the gaps that are presented make logical sense based on the earlier section? • Does the discussion of gaps in the knowledge reflect an accurate understanding of research methods? Research question(s): • Was the research question(s) stated clearly and succinctly? • Does it address an important social work-related problem? • Was it supported by the preceding literature review? Ethical Issues: • Were possible ethical issues that might arise when conducting research on this topic discussed? • Were both the IRB regulations and NASW code of ethics discussed in relation to these issues? • Is the population you chose considered vulnerable by IRB regulation? • Will the study be anonymous or confidential? • Is assent required? Is informed consent required? • Might social work mandatory reporting regulations come into play with keeping confidentiality?

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