Consumer behavior


(1) Solomon, Michael R. (2017), Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, 12th edition, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall. ——–>Below you’ll find a Conceptual Section and an Application Section.

You are to answer any two questions (and their parts) in the Conceptual Section and provide written responses to any two cases in the Application Section of the exam. Clearly identify which questions and their parts you are responding to. Grading will be based upon the appropriateness, completeness, and insightfulness of your responses. I. Conceptual Section 1. (a) From our discussions in class, explain the significance of questioning. (b) What is the purpose behind our questioning? c) How can understanding consumer behavior from a questioning perspective help you be a better marketer? 2. (a) For each of the four situations identified in the Consumer Decision-Making Typology (CDMT) discussed in class, provide an explicit example of a marketing communications strategy suggested by the CDMT. (b) Explain for each situation how persuasion might occur. Be explicit. 3. (a) Explain the relationship(s) between perception and consumption meaning. Provide a detailed explanation. (b) What would be the implications of this relationship(s) for marketers? 4. (a) What is memory? Provide a persuasive argument for your position. (b) Based upon how you have defined memory, explain how forgetting is a part of your view of memory. (c) How could a marketer create strategies affecting consumers’ forgetting? And, (d) why would they want to do this? II. Application Section Choose any two of the following cases and provide written responses to the questions asked. For those with the 12 edition text, choose from the following: Chapter 1 Case (Buying, Having, and Being) – Honda’s ASIMO, pages 31-32. Chapter 3 Case (Perception) – The Brave New World of Subway Advertising, pages 104-105. Chapter 4 Case (Learning & Memory) – Do Avatars Dream About Virtual Sheep? – pages 144-145. Chapter 6 (Self-Concept) – Riding the Plus-Size Wave, page 213.

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