Big Five personality test


Use this Big Five personality test sample and analyse the results. You will consider qualities to be cultivated to be a more effective leader and follower. Consider what the results say about the subject’s personality and their leadership style. Think about the challenges they may have in working with others and the challenges others might have when working with them. In approximately 1,000 words, complete the following: • Summarise the results of the Big Five personality test and state whether you agree with the results. • Evaluate the degree to which your personality influences how you lead and how you follow based on your professional and personal experience. • Analyse how you, as a follower, can contribute to effective leadership in your organisation. • Analyse how you, as a leader, can encourage effective followership in your organisation. • Finally, select one personal quality you would like to improve to become a more effective leader and follower. Provide an explanation as to why this improvement would be a benefit to you and your organisation. 

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