“The Great Debaters” Film Assignment

Instructions You must watch the film “The Great Debaters.” You may find this film on Amazon (prime). For those of you who do not have an amazon prime account, I encourage you to sign up for “the student” account. I am not sure if there is a trail period, but I am certain that you receive a few perks with a student account versus a regular account. Once you watch the film and decide that you do not want to continue your subscription, you can cancel. Below is the link to sign up and watch the film. You should be able to rent the film as well (google search for this option). Either way, you cannot complete this assignment without watching this film. Assignments: There are two Parts of this assignment to complete. The first part, you must thoroughly answer the questions asked (MLA format) and upload to the assignments folder labeled “The Great Debaters_Part I”, and the second part you must thoroughly answer the analysis statements (MLA format) and upload to the assignments folder labeled “The Great Debaters_Part II.” http://www.amazon.com/The-Great-Debaters-Denzel-Washington/dp/B00125WAWS

“The Great Debaters” Film Assignment: Directions: (Part I) In complete sentences, thoroughly answer the questions or statements that follow while watching the film.

(Part II) In a well-developed essay, you must type your answers to the analysis statements below. PART I: The Great Debaters: Questions to answer during the film (40 points) Question 1. Do you believe education is the only way out? Explain your answer. Question 2. What is the difference between the resolve and the affirmative? Question 3. Explain what he means by “Your Words being your weapon.” Question 4. In today’s technological age, is it possible to write your own dictionary? Explain your answer. Question 5. Do you believe welfare discourages hard work? Explain your answer. Question 6. Identify all the persuasive techniques you recognize during the debate versus Paul Quinn College. Question 7. In the debate versus Oklahoma City University, the opposition (white debater) accounts a personal example and a quote from whom during this portion of the debate. Which rhetorical appeal is this? Question 8. When planning their debate against Harvard University, what point did Samantha suggest should go last? Why? Question 9. List two persuasive techniques James Farmer, Jr. uses throughout the debate and give examples from the scene to support these techniques. Question 10. Analyze why the Wiley Debaters were so successful. Give specific techniques they used to hook their audience, language and vocabulary used, and the support they used to defend their position. Bonus. Why is Forest Whitaker’s statement about the greatest weakness of man important to the Wylie debate team? PART II: The Great Debaters: Analysis of debates (60 points) Throughout the movie, you will see THREE COMPLETE debates. You must write a complete analysis essay. This includes an introduction + thesis statement, three fully developed paragraphs, a conclusion, and works cited page. For each debate, answer the following: 1. Resolution (the point/claim to prove). 2. Any use of pathos (emotional appeal). Remember, the writer /speaker’s aim should NOT be to manipulate the reader/audience through emotions but to appeal to needs that all humans have in common. 3. Any use of ethos (appeal to credibility). 4. Any use of logos (logical appeal). Remember, a logical appeal depends on reasoning and evidence, appealing more to the audience’s intellect than their emotions. 5. Counterargument/s – Follows a concession (a respectful acknowledgement of an opposing viewpoint) and strongly counters, or refutes the opposing viewpoint. Every essay that you submit within this class will consist of five fully developed paragraphs (introduction + thesis, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion). See five paragraph essay (Review). Each paragraph must contain at least 8-12 fully developed sentences (this includes source information) and page length depends upon the information you include within your essay. Typically for a research supported paper your essay is about four to five pages (fully developed), try not to exceed five full pages. I seek quality, (organized, unified, coherent, and well-developed essays) not quantity. I prefer your mistakes as opposed to a paper full of information in order to fulfill page requirements. See common errors in writing (Review). To avoid plagiarism, you should write a draft about your topic from your perspective and then include related and relevant sources. I want to hear “your voice” (thoughts and opinions upon the topic) within the essay. The sources are included to support your thesis and make your argument stronger. See plagiarism section (MLA). To reduce unorganization within your paper, include three points within your thesis to guide each paragraph. See sample MLA paper (MLA). In addition, you all are restricted to the number of sources you can include within your essay

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