Immigration and Mental Health: Minorities in Canada

 Overview of the major themes of knowledge on your topic. You should introduce your topic with an interesting and engaging opening paragraph, and then give operational definitions for all main terms and concepts. Then, describe THREE empirical studies (quantitative or qualitative) in detail, and then analyze the author’s conclusions and implications and discuss how each study furthered our knowledge of the topic. 1. Clear and interesting title denoting main idea of the paper 2. Double-spaced 3. APA style formatting (including title page, page numbers, headings) 4. Proper use of sub-headings to guide the reader 5. Ideas are well-organized, and the paper is clear when read aloud 6. A good mix of research findings, analysis, and your own ideas 7. At least 3 scholarly research articles (does not include the textbook) 8. All direct quotes are indicated with quotation marks and page numbers

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