How to Select/ Answer Questions Below you will find a list of 12 questions. o You may answer any combination of questions that add up to a total value of 20 pts.  Eg. 2 Questions from Section 1 – 2 pts  1 question from section 2 – 3 pts  3 questions from section 3- 15 pts.  Total = 2 pts+ 3 pts + 15 pts = 20 pts o The exam is worth 20% of your course grade. For this Exam you will need to carefully read: • The National Climate Change Plan of the United Arab Emirates (available on moodle as a Pdf) • UAE Climate and Risk Assessment (available on moodle as a pdf) • Climate Action tracker UAE ( Questions: Section 1; Short answer: 1. What are the UAE’s goals for 2050 to reduce the impact of Climate Change? (1 pt) 2. Which areas are the most vulnerable to Climate Change in the UAE? (1 pt) 3. How will the UAE accomplish its proposed Climate Change mitigation agenda? (1 pt) 4. What is the expected impact on the UAE in 2050 associated with Climate Change? ( 1 pt) Section 2:

1. You are made the head of the Ministry of Climate Change, how would you keep the UAE on track to meet its targets. ( 3 pts) 2. As a Geologist or Engineer with a future in the hydrocarbon industry, what types of industrial changes would you expect to see happen in the next 20 years as a result of climate change? ( 3 pts) 3. Will the UAE’s economy be impacted by Climate Change, discuss briefly which sectors will be affected. ( 3 pts) 4. There are many emerging “Green Industries in the UAE” please describe one of these industries or industrial sectors and what steps they have taken to be “Green”. (3 pts) Section 3: 1. Describe past temperature records and future temperature predications for the UAE. How has regional temperature and local temperature changed? What are the impacts? What evidence do we have? (5 pts) 2. IF Temperatures continue to rise in the UAE there will be an increased demand for hydrocarbons to cool homes and other key infrastructure. Discuss. Keep in mind how increased demand for hydrocarbons contradicts the UAE’s Climate Agenda. (5 pts) 3. Describe how ecosystems will be impacted by different aspects of changing climate. Give examples from the Literature. (5 pts) 4. Food Security is one of the biggest threats to the population of the UAE. Discuss. (5 pts.) 5. In order for the UAE to meet its climate change targets the UAE must divest from hydrocarbons and diversify the economy towards greener energy sources. Discuss. (5 pts)

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