Policy Description

Policy analysis – (25 pts) In 7 -10 pages you will provide: 1) analysis of the policy process and 2) discussion: – Policy Process (20 points): In 5 – 7 pages, you will analyze the policy based on the Health Policy Analysis Framework developed by Walt and Gilson (1994) AND guided by at least one theory covered in the course. In other words, discuss the different elements of the policy analysis framework based on YOUR chosen policy, given the theoretical and empirical literature. For the theory analysis, make sure you choose appropriate theories to explain the policy. Support your analysis with data (if applicable). Remember that data can include both qualitative or quantitative data. Discussion (5 points): In 2-3 pages, you will provide full discussion of the chosen policy, the literature, its analysis, its link between policy, practice and research. Provide interpretations of the analysis. Explain how the analysis contributes to understating how the policy addresses the policy issue/s, commenting on the different elements identified in the health policy analysis framework, the interplay between the different elements, implications based on your analysis; implications for policy, practice and research as well as relevant recommendations. In doing so, situate findings on the policy within larger discussions of health policy field. Self-reflection (3 points): In one-page, you will write your own self-reflection on the final policy paper by critically reviewing your strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned that are relevant to your policy. You will compare and contrast what you anticipated and experienced, compose a coherent reflective written reflection, propose how your experience and your reflections on this experience might impact your future practice (your practice as a professional in general), provide recommendations for improvement, as well as practice reflective habits (which is important to self-development).

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