Leadership instruments

For this assignment, you will assess your skills in specific areas of leadership through the use of an instrument in your textbook and develop a plan for success. Before sending a document to your faculty member, be sure to include your name and the title of the assignment at the top of the document. When you save the document, include your last name, first name, and assignment title in the filename (e.g., smith_john_assignment1a).


1. Complete the assigned readings for this unit.

2. Locate and complete the Leadership Instrument located at the end of each assigned chapter for this unit.

3. In a Microsoft Word document, write a three to four page report that does the following: Summarizes your findings Specifically discusses your strengths and weaknesses Discusses alternatives that you can use to improve your weaknesses and exploit your strengths Illustrates your plan for implementing improvement measures such as further research, training, or other measures beneficial for self-improvement .

These is a video-Fiedler’s Contingency Theory video The Leadership of Steve Jobs video at the YouTube www.business.rutgers.edu/business-insights/leadership-steve-jobs L-M-X Theory video at the YouTube Group Identify – Ingroup and Outgroup Formation video at the YouTube In this unit, you will be exposed to the proper ways to match leaders with the situation. You will also learn about employee motivation through the use of goals and the relationship between the leader and follower.Guiding Questions As you read, consider the following questions: What are the four leader behaviors considered in path-goal theory? Explain. How does leader-member exchange theory work, both descriptively and prescriptively? What are the different perspectives and factors on transformational leadership and can you describe them?

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