Journal Paper

Journal Assignment

Why are we using journals in this course? In general, journals are simple tools that allow us reflect upon experiences we’ve encountered and to verbalize our impressions of those experiences. They give us an avenue to increase our personal awareness, develop opinions and open our minds to various options and opportunities. Since one of the major aspects of this course are the experiences you’ll have traveling abroad, hosting students and working with peers from a completely different environment, we expect that you will have many new or different experiences and learnings. We want you to conscientiously record these experiences and verbalize the impact that these experiences had on you personally. Typically these experiences will fall into a few major categories, such as academic, business, social and personal. We expect that you’ll capture and comment on these experiences and new knowledge or skills gained in these areas (and others of your choosing). Feel free to add comments and perspectives on other aspects as well. Make sure to address the entire experience including your academic classes, your travel, as well as hosting the visit of your UCL teammates to UNCG.

Formally, your Journal document must be a minimum of 5 pages in length (single-spaced, 11 or 12-sized font) excluding the cover page (but not to exceed eight pages in total length). Any pages exceeding the maximum allowed will not be read or counted in the final document grading. Use a standard business report format which includes an introduction, the body of the document and then a conclusion. In the body of your Journal present your information logically and sequentially. Make sure the document is easy to read and follow with no spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure all headings, subheadings (if used) and fonts are consistent throughout the paper. In conclusion, we’re looking for a professionally written document. Your Journal contents will be private, between you and the course instructors only.

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