Equity in the educational field


The aim of the paper is to present a synthesized literature review of equity in the educational field and also present the concept of equity in line with three other concepts in an argumentative way supported by well-known authors in this field. (Bourdieu, Felouzis, Rawls etc) I will attach the required layout and feel free to write to me anytime for questions!!! I will like to request a draft before the receiving the final paper so I can approve or recommend a few things. Layout

1.Equity in the educational field. (Definitions and concepts) What it implies, how schools deals with equity etc. 1.1. Inequities facing education 1.2. COMPETITION IN EDUCATION COMPARING RESULTS: The educational position between school or country PISA TEST STUDIES. (The disadvantages) Cadre conceptuel Discuss the concept of equity in line with equality Discuss the concept of equity in line with the concept social Justice Discuss the concept of equity in line with the concept inclusive education

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