Your individual project in this Unit is based on the


Your individual project in this Unit is based on the “SAP Found in Violation of FCPA” case study located at the end of Chapter 2 in your textbook. In order to complete this assignment, read that case study and respond to the questions below, 

  1. Do you think that the penalty for violation of the internal control provision and the books and records provision of the FCPA is stiff enough to motivate companies to implement systems capable of detecting bribes? What changes, if any, would you suggest to the FCPA?
  2. When an organization implements a major accounting software package, it also inherits the system of internal control that is built into the software—good, bad, or indifferent. What can be done if it is discovered, months after the software has been purchased and installed, that the software is lacking in good internal control?
  3. IT workers have a key role in designing and implementing the internal controls associated with systems that automate the processing of business transactions, such as the payment of suppliers, employees, and business partners and the receipt of payments from customers. What can IT workers do to prepare themselves for this responsibility? Who should the IT workers collaborate with when evaluating or designing the automated internal controls of a computer-based information systems?

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