Reading is provided. Based on the reading provided, A total

Reading is provided.

Based on the reading provided, A total of 5 text ( Pre-test pages 1-7, Exercise I pages 8-12, Exercise II pages13-16, exercise III pages 17-21 and Post test pages22-27) for each text write a 2 page identifying the main ideas and summarizing the reading, and use the apply comprehension skill.

Applied comprehension examples

Take a look at the sentence below.

The polar ice-caps are melting at an alarming rate.

On a literal level, this simply means what is says – that the large sheets of ice known as polar ice caps are quickly melting. We can infer that this is because of global warming. Applied comprehension comes into play when figuring out the ultimate message or purpose behind the sentence!

In this applied comprehension example, the message is probably an ecological one. The author has written this to alert the reader to a problem and highlight the severity of it, which they hope will push them towards action. You can have a go yourself with these Reading Comprehension Skills Challenge Cards.what you comprehend/ interpretation from the reading.

Apply comprehension skill.

Any question please ask.

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