Review Comments-1: 1. Detection of covid-19 using an infrared fever

Review Comments-1:

1. Detection of covid-19 using an infrared fever screening system (IFSS) based on deep learning

technology is the proposed title of this paper.

2. Keyword should be start with capital letter.

3. How to detect the visual images?

4. Selection of ML should be justified by the author.

5. How to provide screening data for each individual as output?

6. Explain the role of pooling layers?

7. Literary style of the paper should be improved.

8. Paper should be prepared as per template prescribed.

9. Figures are of poor resolution and clarity.

10. Minimum of 15 reference papers should be used in the reference section.

11. Dataset details are inadequate.

Review Comments-2:

There are adjustments for the authors have to be considered:

1. Detection of Covid-19 using an Infrared Fever Screening System (IFSS) based on Deep

Learning Technology is the proposed title of the paper.

Proceedings by Previous Publications

2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

2. There is evidence of research, but you need to relate it to your own study and more literature-

based evaluation in the discussion

3. The strengths and weaknesses of the method described in the paper can be clearly defined.

4. Comparative analysis with existing models related to efficiency computation may be provided

in a tabular format

5. The figures are of poor clarity and resolution. Figures taken from the literature should be cited

for their source.

6. Try to cite all the references used in the work and some of the references are not cited in the


7. Conclusion and Future Scope should be improved related to the proposed work.

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