Week 8 ProjectAssignment Due December 19 at 11:59 PM Submit

 Week 8 ProjectAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment Due December 19 at 11:59 PM

Submit Draft Paper

THIS WEEK you will assemble your projects from weeks 1-7 into your final capstone paper. 

To do this:   

  • Cut and paste your prior weeks projects into a single document.
  • Each weekly project will be a separate section of the paper. Use APA guidelines to format the paper and its sections.
  • Merge your citations at the end of each weekly project paper into a single list of citations, using proper APA formatting. 
  • Add TRANSITIONS and other language that allows the paper to ‘flow’. It shouldn’t read like a group of smaller papers stitched together. It should read like a single, coherent paper. If there is repetition in introductions or other areas, address that as well.
  • Submit this draft as your week 8 project. 

Submission Details

  • Name your document SU_PHE4200_W8_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.
  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.

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