How do your personality traits affect your team and your


How do your personality traits affect your team and your decision-making style, including your interest and ability to participate in group decision-making? 75 words in length.

Team development stages stated that most people coming to a new group are enthusiastic, but that with time, they lose some of their morale. What types of things happen in most groups to cause this decline in morale? 75 words in length.

What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of group problem-solving and decision-making? Which do you think arise more frequently, and why? 75 words in length.

read the case: “Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook,”  respond to the following items:

  1. There are four team structure components that, along with team dynamics and development, affect team performance. Which of the four components does the case feature with examples?
  2. How would you describe Mark Zuckerberg as a leader?
  3. Describe the team dynamics at Facebook.
  4. Based on the facts of the case, at which stage would you categorize teamwork at Facebook? Base your answer on the team development stages in Chapter 10.
  5. Would you describe Mark Zuckerberg as having a reflexive,      reflective, or consistent decision-making style?

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