Watch the 3 Bible Project Videos: TBP – Acts (Part

Watch the 3 Bible Project Videos:

TBP – Acts (Part 1 & 2)

TBP – The Holy Spirit

Then answer the following questions in your own wording basing your answers directly upon the videos:

TBP – “The Holy Spirit”

1) What words does the Old Testament use to describe God’s spirit?

2) What do the Old Testament prophets see as the fundamental problem with the world?

3) How will God solve this terrible problem?

4) Where in the New Testament does the Holy Spirit show up?

5) What is the Holy Spirit doing today in the lives of God’s people?

TBP – “ACTS 1 & 2”

6) Summarize the book of ACTS in 3 movements using no more than 100 words to explain each section: 

     a) The opening of the book until Pentecost

     b) Pentecost through the conversion of Cornelius the Centurion

     c) Paul’s ministry around the Roman Empire

7) What was the strange paradox of Christianity that confounded the Roman empire and its rulers?

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