Most police departments have a mandatory policy which requires their


Most police departments have a mandatory policy which requires their officers to wear department-issued body armor. However, there are some officers who are resisting it because they say it is too hot, too uncomfortable, and it limits their upper body mobility.

Please answer all four (4) of the below questions in a “developed and detailed” response. Make sure to support your thoughts/ opinions.

a. What course of action should a chief take if an officer will not wear body armor no matter how many times he/she is told to wear it?

b. If the police chief decides to take disciplinary action against an officer to force compliance to wear the body armor, will the union have a legal grievance claiming that it should not be mandatory?

c. What arguments would you provide to these reluctant officers to convince them that it is in their best interest to wear the body armor?

d. If an officer is not wearing body armor and is shot and killed in the line of duty, should the benefits his or her family would have derived be withheld?

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