open the attachment that says questions. You will find the

open the attachment that says questions. You will find the questions there. 

The rest of the attachments are screen shots of the readings of the textbook just in case tutor does not find it while doing their internet search. 


Read the Solectron: From Contract Manufacturer to Global Supply Chain Integrator Case Study
in the Simchi-Levi et al. text. 

Submit a response to each of the end-of-case discussion questions. 

Each question must be answered thoroughly, and responses must be supported by the concepts
introduced in the Learn materials. 

Each question/answer must be delineated under a heading in
current APA format. 

Include a title page and reference page also in current APA format. 

Incorporate a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources with at least 1 source per question.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. 

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