Write an entire SOAP for the well child visit that


  • Write an entire SOAP for the well child visit that took place during immersion. For the child, please use the history you obtained during your encounter. For the chief complaint of all notes, you will write “well visit.” Please use your AAP Bright Future’s guide as the main resource for this assignment. Note that pediatrics will require more information than most SOAP notes, including percentiles for Ht/Wt/BMI, and developmental history, among other differences.
  • Please plot the height, weight, and BMI for your child on a growth chart (samples can be found on CDC) and include the growth chart with your submission.
  • Make sure you include a developmental assessment, and for pre-teens and teens, a HEEADSSS assessment.
  • Preferably, use the format described at immersion by using one of the templates in week one of the course. Make sure to include an assessment (diagnosis) and plan. Do not perform a risk assessment, but use actual diagnosis terminology. Be sure to use APA format and include references. Review the rubric before you begin working on the assignment.

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