In this week’s assignment, you will evaluate a unit of

In this week’s assignment, you will evaluate a unit of K–12 or adult curriculum based on a specific set of characteristics that mirror the requirements for your final project. Identify a different unit or module from the one you used for the Week 6 discussion. You will also explore which learning theory or theories align to the learning activities in this unit. This activity will prepare you for the Week 10 capstone in which you will design a unit of curriculum or a module and explain the underlying learning theory.

Note: As you prepare for the Week 10 Capstone Assignment, keep in mind that you cannot use a previous unit of curriculum that has been submitted for a previous class.


  1. Begin by searching for and selecting the curriculum or module you will evaluate. Select a different one from the one used in the Week 6 discussion.
  2. Download the appropriate evaluation checklist. Each checklist provides you with a space to discuss how learning theory applies to the activities in the curriculum. 
    1. Week 7 K–12 Curriculum Evaluation Checklist and Theory Analysis [DOCX].
    2. Week 7 Adult Education Evaluation Checklist and Theory Analysis [DOCX].


Part 1. Curriculum Evaluation
  1. Evaluate the unit of curriculum based on the categories in the checklist.
  2. In each of the Evaluation Criteria rows, use the right-hand column to provide your analysis, recommend areas for improvement, and/or comments about the quality of the curriculum unit.
Part 2. Theory Identification
  1. Discuss a learning theory that aligns with learning activities in this unit of K–12 or adult curriculum.
  2. Provide examples from the curriculum and explain how they align to the learning theory.
  3. Reflect on the applicability of the learning theory to the curriculum.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course

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