Final analysis: a brief history of how we got here.

Final analysis: a brief history of how we got here. An example: If you are doing public transportation infrastructure, research how California became so dependent on freeways and why it didn’t invest in public transportation infrastructure. This should be .5 – 1 page – it’s brief.

  • why this system needs to change in light of what we’ve been talking about regarding climate change. An example: if you are doing urban design, you may want to talk about increases in heat waves and the need for us to build our cities with climate resilience in mind.
  • research solutions that have already been proposed or discussed. Ideally you will have 2-3. You will describe these and then analyze how effective they may be. For example, maybe you are examining urban infrastructure in coastal areas and you are looking at ways to combat sea level rise. You should have about 2 paragraphs per solution.

Your proposed solution: Propose your own solution. Choose the scale you want to work at. For example, if you want to increase sustainable transportation and choose biking as your mode of transportation, you may want to design for making our bike infrastructure in SF better Maybe you look at Dutch biking infrastructure for guidance. Or maybe you focus on increasing access to E-bikes. Or maybe you focus on how we can move people and their bikes on a regional scale – for example, how could be change BART to allow people to bring their bikes and solve that “last mile problem”. You can think about this on a small scale or on a larger scale (for example, on the scale of a city or a state). It’s up to you. You may also take one of the solutions you described above and improve or expand on it. This part of your final project should be about 1-3 pages.

You should have at least 3 different sources 

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