For 30 points, answer the five questions from the options

 For 30 points, answer the five questions from the options below in a Word document. Include the question you are answering. Each answer should be a short  paragraph. Aim for 3-5 descriptive sentences. Be as specific as possible.1. Give an example of a time a difference in cultural understandings of a word caused miscommunication between you and someone else.2. Give an example of confusing a fact with an opinion or a fact with an inference that you have witnessed.3. Give an example of slang or jargon that you use in your life (with friends, at work, etc.) What does the word mean and how do you use it?4. Give an example of a euphemism you use in every day language. What does it mean?5. Choose ONE of the following scenarios and write a powerful speech statement to the receiver and a polite speech statement to the receiver.

  1. Your neighbor’s dogs are barking all night, constantly, and it’s disrupting your sleep. 
  2. Requesting an extension on a deadline from a professor.
  3. Asking your boss for three days off to attend a wedding.
  4. Asking a merchant for a cash refund for unsatisfactory piece of merchandise.

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