Read Johnson (2017). Identify and explain one way teachers (physical

Read Johnson (2017). Identify and explain one way teachers (physical education teachers or classroom teacher) can integrate classroom concepts (e.g., reading, writing, math, language development, or science) and movement into a regular basis.

After reading Williams (1996 and 2015), identify and explain an inappropriate game/activity/teaching practice. Which of the 7 criteria presented in Williams 2015 (p. 37 – the bullets next to the image of the boy) does it meet for it to be included in the Hall of Shame? What could be an appropriate game/activity/teaching practice to replace it with (use course textbook)?

Remember, according to the guidelines, 

  • Provide a detailed response (including specific details/description and using own words) in a paragraph format (no less than 10 sentences). Can use bullets (in addition to paragraphs) or attach any element if needed.

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