1. What are the four forms of law and what

 1. What are the four forms of law and what are the heritages linked to these forms of  law?

 2. Will leaving the country make an American businessman immune to U.S.  laws? Provide an example from current events to support your answer. 

3. International marketers often need to collect certain types of information not normally  collected by domestic marketing researchers. Unisys Corporation gives some guidance  about the kind of information that organizations need to collect in the international  environment. List and briefly discuss each of the five types of information suggested by  the Unisys Corporation model.

 4. With references to international marketing research, discuss the various problems  related to the availability and use of secondary data. 

5. What are the various advantages and disadvantages of the decentralization of the  international marketing research function? 

6. Describe the political and economic changes affecting global marketing. Provide an  example from current events to support your answer.

 7. List and briefly describe the various factors that promote the economic growth of  newly industrialized countries (NICs)? 

8. In the context of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), explain the  term “rules of origin.”

 9. Successful economic union requires favorable economic, political, cultural, and  geographic factors. Briefly describe these four factors.

 10. What are BOPMs? According to C. K. Prahalad, why have they been ignored by  international marketers? 

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