STEP ONE: Decide on a diet (popular or personal) that

STEP ONE: Decide on a diet (popular or personal) that you want to attack or defend.

STEP TWO: Come up with a strong statement (argument) about diet and developing three supporting or critical points. Think of a conclusion.

STEP THREE: Go to (Links to an external site.). Get excited. The infographics are toward the top. You may be tempted to do a poster or a flyer, BUT the assignment requests the INFOGRAPHIC and that is what you will submit.

STEP FOUR: Find a card that interests you or matches your topic, or looks good, but . . . You can change any color, any font, any line.

STEP FIVE: Place your statement and its support creatively, artistically, mathematically on the card. Play with it. You are selling a point. You want to make it strong.

BUT, FIRST . . .

Watch This How To Video:

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Here is a finished infographic (the first two views are the same document):

Link (Links to an external site.)

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