Part 1: Select and define four terms: Cherokee Removal Lansford


Part 1: Select and define four terms:  

Cherokee Removal       Lansford W. Hastings     Joseph Smith     Joaquin Murrieta    Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana

Dred Scott v. Sandford [sic]   The Emancipation Proclamation    George A. Custer   Battle of Gettysburg   Pacific Railroad Act

Part 2:Select and answer one:

1. Analyze the causes and events leading to the American Civil War, including the questions of slavery, sectionalism, and how westward expansion worsened the situation.

2. Analyze the different religious groups that came about in the nineteenth century, especially during the Second Great Awakening.

3. Historian Frederick Jackson Turner argued that the westward movement defined America.  Was he right?  Analyze the Gold Rush, race relations, American Indians, violence, and the construction of the railroads.

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