Posted here is this week assignment. Also look at the

Posted here is this week assignment. Also look at the attached doc files to see what have been completed so far to make it easier to put it together. The topic of the project is electric vehicles.

This week, you will begin to synthesize the information you have gathered and the analysis you have conducted of your selected technology. In order to bring your ideas together and prepare for your final presentation, you will complete a recommendation analysis.

The recommendation analysis should provide three to four concrete recommendations for how to best utilize your selected technology.

As part of your analysis, include the following.

  • Introduction: Explain your selected technology and provide contextual details concerning application and reach.
  • Thesis: Offer an argument to synthesize your ideas and provide a foundation for your recommendations and analysis.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: Identify and describe three to four ethical dilemmas posed by your selected technology. Include concrete examples and ethical theories to help detail your summary.
  • Recommendations: Offer concrete recommendations to help mediate each of the described dilemmas. Remember to consider stakeholders and resources for providing solutions.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your main arguments and provide avenues for further discussion.

As part of this assignment, you must consult and site at least three high-quality, academic sources. These sources should be from reputable publications that can be found in the DeVry Library or industry publications.

A successful assignment will

  • be three to four pages in length;
  • include a minimum of three academic sources;
  • be composed using Microsoft Word and using 12-point Times New Roman;
  • include a minimum of three sources; and
  • be formatted and cite sources using the seventh edition of APA.

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