Using the articles found in the module resources, provide some


Using the articles found in the module resources, provide some information on genetic engineering and how enzymes are used in biotechnology and in the biotech industry. Use those resources to gain an understanding of biotechnology and its uses. Then use the following questions posed below as a starting point to begin to formulate a position on ethical problems that can exist with genetic engineering and transgenic organisms. Make a case that the use of these technologies and organisms needs to be discussed.

  • What are the known health risks associated with transgenic organisms?
  • What are the long-term effects on the environment when transgenic organisms are released in the field?
  • What unintended personal, social, and cultural consequences could result from the use of transgenic organisms?
  • What ethical, social, and legal controls should be placed on transgenic research?
  • Who will have access to these technologies and how will scarce resources be allocated?

In response to your peers, comment on some issues either you, or they, had not previously considered. Remember to keep your disagreements civil! The point of this is to raise awareness on potential issues that relate to these technologies and the use of these enzymes.

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