Tell us why it is that countries export or import

Tell us why it is that countries export or import OR what are the advantages of trade OR what are the problems of trade.  

then one comment for each from the bottom. Do you agree or disagree?


                          Countries export or import is a tool to help country  economics grow strong and keep create more jobs on the country to help  people to earn more money outside the country. Country export the thing  is too much for our market, we need a need a new market to consumption  these products, and we import the thing we need.  Advantages of trade is  the exchange rate, strong country could use less money buy more  products from other nationals. Weak country have to spend more money to  buy one product from strong national. Also, trade could be a weapon to  destroy other country economics, and that country money will become less  value to buy anything outside the country. Trade is a good tool to  build relationship outside the country. Trade help each country to  create more jobs in many areas. The problems of trade are  high-technology using in military has been sell to other country, patent  has been replica, customs duties has been changed for every products,  trade agreement has been change, and government get involved to tell the  companies inside the country which product you can sell and which one  are not allow to sell.


      I think importing and exporting can be great for every country  or it can be bad. It’s good because you’re trading goods that another  country needs and you get something that our country needs. One of the  companies that became nationally huge was Hershey because they get their  cocoa from other countries they were able to make enough chocolate to  become a huge business. Ghana is one of the countries that has one of  the best quality cocoa beans. that’s how they make the most money for  their country,  the USA makes the most exporting wheat. The problem with  trading is that if you have some type of problem with other countries  they can hold out on trading with you or overprice their goods. for  example when the Saudis didn’t want to sell the USA petro anymore  because of the indifferences they had between each other. The other  example is the so-called chip shortage. It’s another way to be in  control and raise prices on everything. So when exporting and importing  go bad the citizens suffer the most because prices rise because it’s  what’s in demand.

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