STEP 1: View the PowerPoint slides for the “New Student

STEP 1:  View the PowerPoint slides for the “New Student Orientation” below before attending the Orientation (it will be Remote – through Blackboard)

STEP 2:  Attend/Watch the  Paralegal Studies Program Orientation.


  • what you learned during the orientation,
  • how helpful you thought the orientation was to your overall academic/career plan (be specific: what specifically was helpful),
  • what is your plan of action for your paralegal training (including which four classes you will register for next semester (times/days/reference numbers) and what other opportunities will you utilize to help develop your skills and networking while you are a student; 
  • Identify the paralegal/attorney that spoke at the orientation that you wish to follow up to ask more questions about this career).
  • Include your full name, student ID, and telephone number 
  • Finally, if there is something else you wish you learned during orientation, what is it? Be specific and detailed.

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