Obtain both living will and a power of attorney for

Obtain both living will and a power of attorney for healthcare documents from your place of work, the Internet, or other source.

  • Complete both documents, including obtaining witness signature. (If a notary public is required by your State law, locate one and record the location and cost of service. You do not need to actually have it notarized for this course.) Texas does not require them to be notarized. (Upload copies of the paperwork under the appropriate assignment)
  • Discuss your advance directives with the person you would like to make healthcare decisions for you. If you have no one, discuss with a classmate or coworker.
  • Include a citation to the site where you retrieved your advance directive (if you obtained it online) or from your reading on advance directives. It does NOT have to be in APA format. Just explain where you obtained the form
  • For the discussion:
    • How difficult was it to find these forms?
    • Do you feel they are important for an older adult to have?
    • Would an older adult need help finding them? completing them?
    • Has this assignment made you change your opinion regarding advance directives?

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