TOPIC: Role of a Paralegal – Client Interview In

TOPIC: Role of a Paralegal – Client Interview

In this video segment – Interviewing a Client. Attorney Saunders has to leave the room and Paralegal Alicia takes over the initial client interview. She asks some compound questions (what, place, and time) and she doesn’t ask any open-ended questions to let the client just tell his story. He says he had to go to the emergency room, but she doesn’t ask how he was hurt. How can the lawyer assess the number of damages in this case? Then, in response to the question “Do I have a case?” Alicia says “I think so”. Incorporate the following questions into your Packback discussion:

  • Do you think the client understood who was qualified to practice law and who was not in this scene?  
  • Do you think Alicia responded properly when asked by the client if he had a case?
  • What do you think of Alicia’s interviewing skills?
  • When are open-ended questions appropriate?
  • Do you think Alicia gathered enough information for the lawyer to make an informed decision about the client’s case?
  • What other questions would you have asked? 
  1. Make sure to cite your sources, including links to credible authorities (no wikipedia). 
  2. Respond to two (2) other classmates in a substantive manner to generate a “discussion”.  
  3. You are expected to go back and forth a few times with this classmate to elevate the topic (provide new information, support the information already shared with more resources, challenge illogical statements). Chapter 4 should be one of your sources.

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