The reporter’s name was Miles Umlatt. He was thin and


The reporter’s name was Miles Umlatt. He was thin and blotchy, and his nose was scuffed up like an old shoe. He asked what grade I was in, did I own a dog, he was pretending to be nice, but he was dying to get to the juicy parts.

Consider the entire boxed passage above a direct quotation. The passage is not

correctly punctuated, and it contains spelling errors. Rewrite the above boxed

quotation with correct quotation marks, spelling, an in-text citation and double-

spaced. Based on the information below, include an in-text citation to the quotation

when you rewrite it, then use the information below to construct a correctly

punctuated, correctly formatted, correctly spaced full citation below your written

quotation. The citation elements below are not necessarily in the correct order or

correctly capitalized, or correctly punctuated as required by this source. Do not

number or box your quotation or citation. MLA Citation

Date of source: February 2019 – 24

Authors: Paul Ryskamp and Bull Underwood

URl paulryskap

Name of Website Edward the bookseller man

Access date 2021/23/nov

Title of source: 2019 book summaries

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