Encuentro Cultural Capítulo 5 (pp. 160-161) presents us with the


Encuentro Cultural

Capítulo 5 (pp. 160-161) presents us with the countries of Bolivia and Paraguay. Paraguay has two official languages, Spanish and Guaraní as well as in Bolivia. It is the second bilingual Spanish speaking country that has declared two official languages. 

The chapter explores facets of the country’s culture such as history, places, fine arts, and music.


Paso 1

  • Watch the two videos bellow to prepare for this discussion about the Guaraní language of Bolivia and Paraguay’s culture, language, and history. Then, do Paso 2.

Paso 2 

(Answers in English. Therefore, the answers must include explanations in detail.) Answers in Spanish are also welcome.
  • (1) After watching the first video (Guarani In The Heart of South America), write a summary in English of what you learned about this video (three to four paragraphs in detail). Provide details about each important facts you learned. The first thirty seconds of the video is in Guaraní language so be patient.
  • (2) Next, after watching the second video (Redefining Fashion & Architecture in Bolivia: Cholitas y Cholets), answer the following questions:
    • Explain the terms “cholo” and “cholets” in detail.
    • Where is el Alto city located in Bolivia, and how do you get there from La Paz, the capital of Bolivia?
    • What’s the importance of the women’s roll in the Aymara society, and what they represent in their culture?
    • What’s the name of the most prominent architect of Bolivia, and describe the concept of his style?
    • What’s the name of the architecture style the architect created, and what inspired him?
    • What’s the Príncipe Alexander, who create it, and what’s the importance for the Aymaras?
  • (3) Finally, the United States of America has no official language at the federal level. English is the official and national language as de facto. To finish this assignment, write a paragraph if you believe USA should declare an official language, or maybe two or three, and why or why not.

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