Network Assessment Guidelines Identify the primary types of media employed.


Network Assessment Guidelines

  1. Identify the primary types of media employed. Be sure to include both how the computers individually connect into the network devices as well as how network devices interconnect and how the connection to the Internet is achieved. Briefly explain the purpose in the network of each type of media employed.
  2. Identify at least two specific points where you think noise or other signal integrity issues may be impacting the infrastructure. For each, identify at least one appropriate strategy for error prevention to address the issue.
  3. Identify all network devices utilized, describe them, and explain the purpose of each in the network.
  4. Identify all items (peripheral devices, data, applications, access points, etc.) being shared by users on the network. Explain how each is shared.
  5. Identify the connection to the Internet WAN. Identify the media, devices, and service providers involved in establishing this connection. Describe what protocols/services are being implemented over this connection.
  6. Identify the forms of security utilized. Be sure to consider physical as well as electronic security. For electronic security, be sure to include items like virus checks, firewalls, and encryption protocols employed in addition to any access controls. Explain how each helps to secure the network.

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