Quotation: (quote, cite in-text, and include at the end of

  • Quotation: (quote, cite in-text, and include at the end of your post a full reference)
  • Technique that appealed to you in this quotation and why (being as detailed as possible).
  • How you will use the technique: Be very specific and detailed, explaining exactly where in your “es” you would like to use it, in which section, with sources, for voice, for anything that contributes to the effectiveness
  • “There is even evidence to suggest that recent upturns in fertility in several European countries are associated with increases in the contribution of fathers to childcare and core domestic chores. Working women who see their partner spend time in primary childcare after the birth of a child are more likely to consider having a second child”
  • “The first stage of the gender revolution, which involved integrating women more fully into the public sphere, destabilised traditional male-female relationships. But, as Brown University demographer Frances Goldscheider argues, the next stage, which involves integrating men more fully into the private sphere, may actually strengthen family relationships”
  • answer the questions in three short paragraphs using these quotes

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