This discussion post has two parts: 1. In August of


This discussion post has two parts:

1. In August of 2018, Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed new legislation called “The Accountable Capitalism Act.” How would this proposed piece of legislation change existing laws on corporate governance? (250 words min.)

2. What part of Senator Warren’s “Accountable Capitalism Act” do you like the most, and what part of her proposed law do you like the least? Explain. (250 words min.)


Senator Warren was interviewed on the popular TV show “Mad Money” about her proposed law. Here is a link to her interview: (Links to an external site.)

For a contrary view, Jeffrey Miron, the Director of Undergraduate Studies at Harvard University, explains why he thinks Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act is “seriously misguided”: (Links to an external site.)

Also: here is an op-ed Senator Warren wrote for The Wall Street Journal (Links to an external site.) in defense of her proposed law, and here is a summary of her proposed law (Links to an external site.), via Wikipedia.

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