Who watch this movie & can answer these questions? Movie

Who watch this movie & can answer these questions?

Movie Critique

Watch the movie: “Crossroads” from 1986 starring Ralph Macchio, Joe Seneca, Jami Gertz then answer these questions and submit this form in your course in Canvas to receive credit.

1. Who is the actor who plays Eugene in this movie?2. What other movies has he appeared in?3. What is Eugene searching for in the movie?4. What does Eugene do to get a meeting with Willy Brown?5. Who is the actor that plays Willy Brown?6. Who do Eugene and Willy Brown find in an old abandoned house during a rain storm?7. How does Frances get them in trouble at the bar?8. Who is the actor that plays Frances in this movie?9. When Eugene and Frances start to get closer after the bar performance, what does Frances do the next morning?10. What does Willy Brown give her that morning?11. How does Eugene react to what she has done?12. What is Willy Brown going to Mississippi to find?13. What deal is made between Eugene and the man at the crossroads?14. What happens when Eugene faces Jack Butler?  Who wins?15. What did you like about this movie?16. What did you not like about this movie?

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