What were the primary changes in urban and rural life

  1. What were the primary changes in urban and rural life in the eighteenth century?
  2. Why were some eighteenth-century men and women drawn to the ideas of the Enlightenment while others were drawn to the Great Awakening? (Two paragraphs)
  3. What was Benjamin Franklin’s main idea in the excerpt from his autobiography?
  4. Why did the colonies resist Britain’s attempts to reorganize its North American colonial empire?
  5. What was the series of events that brought Britain and the colonies to the war by 1774? To what extent were they the product of poor leadership? Differing theories of government? Differing social experiences? (Two paragraphs)
  6. Why were the Intolerable Acts considered to be “intolerable”? Refer to primary source material in the back of the Chapter Six (Two paragraphs)
  7. At what point did the American Revolution become unavoidable? Until that point, how might it have been avoided?

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