we are going to set up Duo. Duo is a

we are going to set up Duo. Duo is a commonly used second-factor authentication mechanism used by many entities, even the university. It allows a user to register their cell phone to their account and either type a rotating six-digit number or push a prompt to their cell phone. Duo also includes a free tier that allows you to create up to 10 users.

1. Create an account using your university email here:

Use your own name for Company. Verify your email by clicking the link, and then choose a password. Next, install the Duo app on your smartphone and scan the QR code to link your administrator account to your smartphone. If you don’t have one, you can set one up with any phone number.

2. Next, we will set up two-factor authentication to log in to our virtual machine. Follow the directions here to get started (you just did Step 1 above):

3. Screenshot your successful login through Duo prompt (after /usr/sbin/login_duo echo ‘YOU ROCK!’), and stop at that point. You can continue following the directions to set up two-factor authentication on the login if you desire, but at this point, we have proof of concept.

For your submission, include:

  • A screenshot of successful Duo login from the command prompt
  • Your thoughts on the benefits of adding a second factor of authentication to the system login. Is the inconvenience worth the security gain?


  • The assignment should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins
  • Use APA for citing references and quotations
  • See the assignment rubric below for more details 

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