This week is all about reframing challenging behavior and dealing

This week is all about reframing challenging behavior and dealing with crises artfully. Figure 1.2 in the Rethinking Students Who Challenge Us chapter, displays several examples of commonly identified challenging behaviors that teachers typically describe. Have you ever displayed any of those challenging behaviors? Were you given the support you needed? What did you need at that moment or how do you wish you would have been supported? How can you rethink the common deficit-based approach to dealing with challenging behavior and tell a new story of that student? 

Discussion question responses are due Wednesday and must be at least 200-300 words in length and include a minimum of one peer-reviewed, scholarly resource in APA format. Each discussion question warrants at least two substantive peer responses. Refer to the syllabus for requirements.

References are listed down below!!

Causton, J., & MacLeod, K. (2020). From behaving to belonging: The inclusive art of supporting students who challenge us.

       Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development.

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