Berenson, M., Levine, D., & T. Krehbiel. (2006). Basic Business

Berenson, M., Levine, D., & T. Krehbiel. (2006). Basic Business Statistics (10th ed.). NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-13-153686-9

The following problems are from the above textbook for this course as homework assignment for week seven: 

9.1  on page 323

9.3   page 323

9.14  a, b, and c  page 324  

9.18    page 328

9.19    page 328

9.20    page 328

9.37    page 333

9.39    page 333

9.56   a and b  page 337

In all cases, please use the eight steps hypothesis testing as discussed on numerous occasions in class. When the questions call for any other steps, such as the five steps six or seven steps process, please keep the steps and the sequences in the proper order. Please remember that it is the eight step hypothesis testing as discussed by Dr. B that will be used for the evaluation process. Note:  If there is no recommendation that are appropriate, then use “NTR” = nothing to report.

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