Assignment Details This Unit’s individual project requires you to complete

Assignment Details

This Unit’s individual project requires you to complete an actual digital forensics report on a case you will create and execute.

To get to the digital forensics report needed for the assignment, download the “Digital Forensics Report Template” from the “Digital Investigations” section of the School of Information Technology’s LibGuide. After going to the Libguide at this location, click on BSIT, then under ITDI: Digital Investigations, open the 4th file down called “Digital Forensics Report Template.”

The template includes four sections. 

You can review already existing cybercrimes or create an example cybercrime in need of an investigation and report. Your report should follow the format below and as illustrated in the uploaded “Digital Forensics” report:

  1. Cover Page (Not counted in page count): Agency Case # – Enter ITDI372U5.
  2. Cover page (Not counted in page count): Investigator Name – Enter your name.
  3. Overview/Case Summary (Page 1-2; 2 paragraphs) – Example, “On today’s date John Doe contacted my office regarding the illegal transfers of Intellectual Property information across Windows 10, using Internet Explorer. Etc. This section can vary in length but must involve enough info for others to understand what led you to start and investigate this case.
  4. Forensic Acquisition & Examination (Page 2-3; 2-3 paragraphs): Provide the details you performed as an investigator from photographing the evidence through acquisition and examination steps.
  5. Findings & Report (Page 3-4; 2-3 paragraphs): Provide details of what an investigator might enter to show what tools were used for the analysis and what was found in the Internet History search.
  6. Conclusion (Page 4)
  7. APA reference page (Page 5)

Make sure to follow the recommended page count and depth for each section.

A good reference for completing this report can be found at this link.

Save the document with your name, course and unit number.  For example: Pat_Jones_ITDI372_Unit5.docx.

Please submit your assignment.

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