Recall a training class you attended as an adult that

Recall a training class you attended as an adult that you felt was particularly effective. Identify any of the principles of andragogy applied (intentionally or not) that contributed to the effectiveness.

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A training class I attended as an adult was the weapons recertification class and the safe handling of weapons. This class was very effective because we were taught in a classroom setting before going out onto the firing range. We started off with the names and features of each weapon to be certified for the corrections of the State of Texas. We then learned about the safe handling of the weapons and what is expected before going out onto the firing range to prevent injuries or accidental misfires. Taking small steps on instructions on how to teach the class safety can help prevent and reduce injuries. also by teaching hands-on can help the class. the most important is gaining each individual’s attention on safety in a classroom setting is highly important when dealing with weapons.

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