An art Institute has made a symposium on art and


An art Institute has made a symposium on art and its history from 1900 to the present day and he has requested students who study interior design, to make this symposium and asked the students to explain the arts within the specified date to show the social, historical and cultural impacts on society Accordingly, the student must do the following:


1)    Comparing the developments of art, theoretically, socially, and culturally, and their impact on society  

2)    Discuss how social, historical, and cultural contexts are on society

3)    Show pictures and artwork 6 the least and evaluate them based on the impact on society, culture, and history

4)    A general summary of what benefits from each artwork 

*So he/she can explain this symposium to foreign artists covering the following points : 

* Method of drawing (romantic/ cubism … )

* Type of canvas used 

* Type of colors (charcoal/ oil ..)

* Location of the drawing ( art room/ rehab center/ outdoor ..)

* Colors used ( blues / reds …) or/and color palette. 

* Type of lines used in drawings ( sharp / curvy / straight…)

* Background of the artist ( stable house / early tram-a …) 

* Year of the drawing starting from 1900 only 

* Type of drawing ( happy/ sad ..)

* Story behind the drawing ( why he draw it / for whom …) 

* His social status when he draw the painting married / divorced / rich/ poor ..) 

* Mental status when he/she draw the painting (stable state of mind / mentally ill ..) 

* Age of the artist (when he draw it) 

* The impact of the drawing on society 🙁 positive / negative)

1. Culture impact ( social values/ sexuality…) 

2. Historic impact (if it lasted few years)

3. Social impact ( between men and women / black and white ..)

I added extra details and important notes in the attachment. 

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