Sometimes you can add a little more to your application.

<p>Sometimes you can add a little more to your application. For example, an additional “page three”, also called a letter of motivation. For some companies, this is even a must. But regardless of whether it is voluntary or compulsory, with our -&nbsp;<a href=””>resume writing services</a>&nbsp;-tips every letter of motivation will be a success.</p>


<li>A letter of motivation is compulsory for some applications and otherwise a good freestyle – it offers a complementary opportunity to present yourself effectively</li>

<li>There is space in it for arguments that do not fit into the cover letter (create one with&nbsp;<a style=”background-color: #ffffff;” href=””>cover letter writing service</a>) or the resume</li>

<li>The letter of motivation can be written as running text or in bullet points; like the cover letter, it does not consist of more than one page</li>

<li>To put it simply: Your cover letter explains why you are suitable for a position, and your letter of motivation explains why you want the position</li>


<p>We have long been building our resume based on the US model. And the letter of motivation is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. This makes it easier for companies to select applicants – and you have an extra page to convince the employer of your choice of you.</p>

<p><strong><em>Plain text: “When should I write a motivational disc?”</em></strong></p>

<p>There are two good reasons for a letter of motivation:</p>


<li>A letter of motivation is expressly requested in the advertisement for the position, study place or internship. If you omit it, you don’t even need to send the application.</li>

<li>You have arguments that catapult you straight into the job interview, but unfortunately, they do not fit into your resume (use the&nbsp;<a style=”background-color: #ffffff;” href=””>resume editor</a>&nbsp;to check yourself) or cover letter.</li>


<p>In this case a letter of motivation is exactly what you need!</p>

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